ID was created when the founder Shane was messing around trying to create a central profile he could share information on. He realised though he met people he never knew if they used the same social media platforms he did or whether they were on the same blog sites etc, because who wants to sit there asking another person which websites they are signed up on or which social media they use?

He thought, "Well why don't people just have an ID instead of a phone number? It makes more sense .. One thing lead to another and he realised the solution could benefit a lot of people so he began to take the concept seriously and set out to make it a reality. He secured funding and brought in some amazing partners at the same time who have helped out immeasurably every step of the way.

After over 35,000 hours of development hours (with Lucas, Chung and many others lol), Shane and his team of developers had created the base version for the ID app concept and called it id.xyz - Connect, Communicate and XYZ. The iOS version of this app soft launched around the end of March 2018 and will continue to be refined over coming months while the Android version is also completed.