id is the first app in the world to bring Social Media to the air. Using Augmented Reality, the app allows users to drop multi media into thin air for anyone in the area to see through the ID app Augemented Reality view.

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We have a messaging service like no other! One to one and group chat work like any other app, but be the first to send a playback text to your friends and your chatting experience will be changed forever!

Once you master standard playback sweeten the deal by sending a media-playback message! And that is only the beginning, using xyz (Invisible Data) you can make your conversations invisible and anonymous .. true private conversations here we come!

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id is all about centralising your online and offline identities, or contact points, into one place under an easy to remember id that you love.

Create your own id and list all of your phone numbers, social media presences, emails and much more under that one and only id which includes full privacy settings so only certain people can see certain info about you.

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contacts provides a hybrid system, allowing you to import, backup, deduplicate, store, edit and much more to your standard phone contacts as well as interact with id contacts at the same time. We allow unlimited backups of your contacts absolutely free of charge with Ts and Cs made for YOU!

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Post photos, videos, tag friends .. yeah, we know a lot of places do social, but like most other parts of our app we decided to do it with a bit of a twist.

Invisible reactions, anonymous reactions and even hide your reactions! One word comments, create your own words - we are the home to all of this and much more!

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Invisible Data

One of the most exciting inventions to hit the public space in 2018 and will be useful for many years to come! Invisible Data allows you to hide conversations, photos, videos, passwords and more in plain site!

That is you can store them on your phone and it's there .. but it's not! We like to call this very useful area 'XYZ' and hope you have fun finding it and using it!

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id drop!

Introducing the world first social media platform that allows you to share photos, videos and more in thin air!

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Visual and Location Based

Wherever you are in the world you can drop a photo or video via ID and it will stay there forever (well unless you delete it!).

Any other people who visit that drop area on the ID app will be able to see your drop and many others through our Augmented Reality viewer!

Local but Private

id drop! was also created to have a local feel to it, when you look through your camera lens you can experience and feel what has been happening in the place you are standing whether it be today, weeks, months or years ago (today for now we only just launched!).

But in addition to this you can post images with privacy settings too so that only certain people are able to see your image floating around in the world :)

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Demo 3

More to come

At present this feature is not only limited to multi media, we have also added the ability for people to set up group chat rooms inside augmented reality which can be accessed via the map view. You can even set up invisible chat rooms that can only be accessed using our invisible data technology.

Along with many of our other features, we have big plans to invent and build on this concept and have some very exciting features just around the corner - but for now - ENJOY!

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what a brilliant idea!!! This has got to be the biggest breakthrough for mobile communication in a loooooong time! Now I just have to get my friends all using it!! :)

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