phone contacts provides a hybrid system, allowing you to import, backup, deduplicate, store, edit and much more to your standard phone contacts as well as interact with id contacts at the same time. We allow unlimited backups of your contacts absolutely free of charge with Ts and Cs made for YOU!

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We have a messaging service like no other! One to one and group chat work like any other app, but be the first to send a playback text to your friends and your chatting experience will be changed forever!

Once you master standard playback sweeten the deal by sending a media-playback message! And that is only the beginning, using xyz (Invisible Data) you can make your conversations invisible and anonymous .. true private conversations here we come!

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id is all about centralising your online and offline identities, or contact points, into one place under an easy to remember id that you love.

Create your own id and list all of your phone numbers, social media presences, emails and much more under that one and only id which includes full privacy settings so only certain people can see certain info about you.

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Invisible Data

One of the most exciting inventions to hit the public space in 2018 and will be useful for many years to come! Invisible Data allows you to hide conversations, photos, videos, passwords and more in plain site!

That is you can store them on your phone and it's there .. but it's not! We like to call this very useful area 'XYZ' and hope you have fun finding it and using it!

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Post photos, videos, tag friends .. yeah, we know a lot of places do social, but like most other parts of our app we decided to do it with a bit of a twist.

Invisible reactions, anonymous reactions and even hide your reactions! One word comments, create your own words - we are the home to all of this and much more!

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id is the first app in the world to bring Social Media to the air. Using Augmented Reality, the app allows users to drop multi media into thin air for anyone in the area to see through the Augemented Reality view.

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Unlimited Back Ups - FREE

The ID concept is all about creating a new type of contact, the ID contact, but until then we haven't forgotten about your normal phone contacts too!

No matter how many contacts you have, enjoy fast and unlimited backups using the ID app! We have worked tirelessly to build one of the fastest contacts management systems in the world making use of our advanced internal database system that can import 4,000 contacts in less than 8 seconds!

Our contacts management system in the past has been provided to the public as a paid service but we are now happy to offer this to you and millions of others absolutely FREE!

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Do I have to backup?

In short, the choice is yours. You can import them into the ID app but choose not to sync them in which case your contacts are still only ever staying on your phone.

Once your contacts are imported into the ID app you can do some pretty cool things with them, one being the ability to display your most recently added contacts.


ID has built a unique patent pending grouping system that allows you to group your contacts faster than any other known method. On the grouping screen each contact will slide in and you can tap to group them as you wish.

You can group as many or as few contacts as you wish, group 20 and do the rest later by tapping Finished. Once contacts are grouped you can access them quickly via the main contacts screen.

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When you sync your contacts in ID, we handle deduplication and also offer AI that will clean up your stored phone number types to the correct assignment. Deduplication also occurs just by importing your phone contacts into the app.

Left or Right Handed? We offer display options for your contacts that suit left or right handed phone users. There are so many features around contacts just download our app and give it a try!

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what a brilliant idea!!! This has got to be the biggest breakthrough for mobile communication in a loooooong time! Now I just have to get my friends all using it!! :)

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