Location Based 3D Social Media

XYZ is a Location Based 3D Social Media platform that allows users to drop photos and videos into 3D from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Imagine dropping your photo at places you visit and for your photo to remain there forever so others can find it in 3D or on the map view. Your photo will also appear in the traditional XYZ 2D timeline feeds for friends and followers to see.

XYZ is a new age freedom of speech platform that can be used for basic day to day personal use or even location based social campaigns which are much more visually effective that anything current social media platforms can provide. Drop photos of support into Minneapolis for Black Lives Matter, drop posts into South Korea to show BTS you love them, drop suppressed new articles to spread truth and freedom of speech in areas that matter or drop funny memes onto your school for other students to laugh at.

XYZ has numerous unique features that we build and provide for free to users all over the world. We believe strongly on privacy which is why we built an anonymous like system and we have built the most private incognito phone vault in the world! Join us for free, tell your friends and be part of this amazing movement in 2020!

One of the most exciting apps of 2020!
Invisible Data
XYZ let's you hide things on your phone, even to people who can unlock your phone!
Send messages the way you typed them + hide photos randomly inside!
iD Drop
Drop photos and videos into Augmented Reality at places you visit!