XYZ is a new global contact point you can hand out instead of your phone number to securely call, chat and connect with anyone from anywhere under full encryption. XYZ is the future of communication allowing people to reserve a WORD to hand out in place of their phone number.

Once you reserve your free XYZ WORD, you can link not only your phone numberbut also your Facebook, Messenger, email addresses, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter plus many more. Each contact point has it's own privacy settings so you can decide who you want to access your information!

XYZ is also a standalone Social Media platform that allows you to privately post photos in your gallery for only your contacts to see. We have also invented a world first feature we call "Invisible Data" which allows you to keep private chats, files andmore completely hidden on your phone, even hidden from someone who can UNLOCK your phone!
One of the most exciting apps of 2020!
Invisible Data
XYZ let's you hide things on your phone, even to people who can unlock your phone!
Send messages the way you typed them + hide photos randomly inside!
iD Drop
Drop photos and videos into Augmented Reality at places you visit!