In 2020 Social Media has a New Name

iD was officially launched in January 2020 to mark the beginning of a new decade in Social Media, Chat and Privacy. iD is the only app in the world that allows you to post your photos in 2D and 3D! A 3D post is a location based Augmented Reality post that leaves your photo floating in AR forever at any location you select! You can find 3D posts from other users around you as well. It is also the only app in the world to promote anonymous social media giving users the option to Like posts with or without their username affording them free expression on topics without judgment.

And last but by no means least, this app has a section called XYZ which allows you to store chats, photos and more on your phone invisible and non-detectable even hidden from someone that can unlock your phone!
One of the most exciting apps of 2020!
Invisible Data
XYZ let's you hide things on your phone, even to people who can unlock your phone!
Send messages the way you typed them + hide photos randomly inside!
iD Drop
Drop photos and videos into Augmented Reality at places you visit!