iD was originally founded based on the concept of 'handing out of word in place of your phone number', a much easier to remember point of contact than the average phone number. Not only would people be able to be dialed by a word, but also link additional contact details such as emails, other phone numbers, social media presences and more with fully customisable privacy settings.

The realisation that iD could threaten the global phone numbering system became apparent when we invented iD colour dial, a system invented by us which associates a colour with each user generated iD. Colours are universal, easy to remember and easy to identify. The addition to the colour dial system meant an exponentially expandable username system which would always stay one step ahead of anything a phone number system could ever provide.

After building this system we wanted to provide a full communication and social experience which lead us to develop our own calling, messaging and social media services - all of which include unique, world first features (we like inventing stuff)!

One of the most exciting features we invented is "invisible data", which we like to call XYZ. XYZ is the most private and confidential chat system in the word and operates behind the scenes of the iD application. XYZ not only allows you to have invisible and anonymous conversations with anyone on your phone but also allows you to invisibly hide private photos, videos and more making it the most effective privacy tool of the 2020s.

We hope you will enjoy using our app as much as we enjoyed creating it and providing such amazing features to millions of people around the world! Our dedicated team constantly strives to improve our service to our much loved users and allow everyone to connect, communicate and XYZ!